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"Jenni's on top of it."   James McMurtry

"Jenni is the very best at what she does.  There's no one more knowledgeable about the music, and when I see I have a package in the mail from Jenni, I immediately listen to it."  Vicki Pepper, ALTVILLE MD

"Jenni Finlay works a record with passion, integrity and a deep coolness. She got me to #1 in 4 weeks. Proof enough." Ray Wylie Hubbard

"Jenni is one of the most respected promoters in the business. Her integrity is beyond reproach. She works hard for her artists as if each one of their records was one of her own. She is a passionate servant leader. I have recommended her often to artists when they seek my advice. I've known her for nine years and I'm thankful for every day. She makes this business better." Jason Samuel, WGCS

"Jenni is amazingly knowledgable and organized, dedicated and classy. She truly cares about the music, and she's a joy to work with."Slaid Cleaves

"Jenni Finlay is a total pro and a pleasure to work with. Long may she reign!!” Jeremy Tepper, Outlaw Country, Sirius XM Satellite Radio

"Every now and then you meet someone that does a killer job and is also a combination of funny/smart/nice. That's how I think of Jenni. It's been so great working with her. I can't say enough nice things about her. Thank you ma'am!" Danny Barnes

"Jenni Finlay is the badass of all badasses. We hired her to work our Guy Clark tribute and she kept it in the Top 5 at Americana for FOUR months. Yeah. I said four. Then we hired Jenni to work Radney Foster's new acoustic record and Rad loves her so much I can't get him to quit calling her. Yep. Jenni Finlay. We're keeping that girl." Tamara Saviano

"I have encountered numerous record promotion people in my nearly 15 years in the radio business. Most have been good and some have been terrific. Jenni Finlay, however, is another story. She is a radio person's absolute dream…she is responsive and immediately goes to work getting product out. Basically, I ask once and it is done. She is always so positive and friendly and, in person, is ready with a smile and a hug. This is the way it should be! I am very thankful for Jenni. Her impressive roster of artists certainly must be thrilled with her too! Hey, we all need a Jenni in our lives!" Barnes Newberry, WMVY

"Jenni supports the artists and radio stations that she works with, including this one, with commitment, passion, creativity, integrity, reliability and timeliness that is unsurpassed. And, when she gets behind an artist, well, I KNOW that they are worthy of my attention. It seems that the common thread among her artists is their individuality -- they all have personalities that are larger than life and simply must be heard. Quite frankly, if you're not spinning Ray Wylie Hubbard, James McMurtry and the other artists she supports, then you're not Americana." Warren Catlett, Radio Free Americana

"Jenni Finlay CARES! All too rare, these days. She can do no wrong." Gurf Morlix

"Jenni is a rootin' tootin' six gun shootin' winner. I'd recommend her to the Devil, himself, should he decide to take his show on the road."Kinky Friedman

"Jenni Finlay approaches her job with fiery passion and depth of knowledge. She approaches her clients with saintly patience and a music lovers heart. I couldn't ask for a better combination of skill and soul." Rod Picott

“Jenni Finlay proves you can be hundreds of miles outside Nashville and get the job done with aplomb. I would recommend Jenni as a first-rate Americana radio specialist in a heartbeat.” Cary Baker, President, conqueroo

"Jenni is wonderful and doing a great job for me. She cares, she believes, and she has deep seated integrity. I respect her integrity most of all, because to me...integrity is everything." Mary Gauthier

"Jenni is the belle of the Americana ball. I love working with someone who knows how to get things done and is still fun enough to hang out with!" BettySoo

"Jenni is a heavy-hitter who doesn't just thoroughly do the job, she truly believes in her artists and their projects. She shows every bit as much passion for her artists as their most rabid fan. Professional, classy and an all around cool cat, I wouldn't want to do a project without her." Lincoln Durham

"Jenni Finlay is a tireless worker/ promoter of music she truly believes in. She was raised on songs since her days as a wee toddler and she doesn't work something unless her heart's in it. And what a heart she has. She's earned the respect of her peers and is able to open doors and help musicians further their careers in these turbulent times of this crazy music business we call home. I will definitely use her services again on my next release. Plus, she always takes my calls and I'm kind of a weirdo so at least I get to talk to a real human being every once in awhile." Steve Poltz

"Radio promotion is a tricky business. Are you really getting the bang for your buck.....At least you can feel good about forking over the promo money if you are working with someone who's trustworthy.....Jenni Finlay is that and more.....She cares about the artist. She knows how tight budgets are nowadays and sees to it that the artist's promo money is spent wisely......I travel all over the country and do a lot of on-air interviews at various radio stations...I mention Jenni's name and always get a positive response......that's a good thing for her artists. Good work Jenni." Lloyd Maines

"We've been trained to believe that the radio world is fickle, jaded and cut-throat. To some degree it is, but Jenni Finlay is one of those special people in the middle of it all. She's got heart and know-how! In my 14 years of dealing with radio promotion from the artist's perspective, Jenni is by far my favorite person and I look forward to having her on my team for years to come!" Ben Kweller

"I lean and rely on Jenni's relationships, diligence and deep focus to get our bands in for station visits, giveaways, and spins, which impacts the bottom line. Jenni plays an integral part to my overall tour marketing plan and is accountable all of the time; which is rare in radio these days." Jon Salter, ATO Records

"Thanks to JFP, I have gone from 'Cult Artist Purgatory' to substantial airplay in over 15 markets. I personally don't know how any of this works...but SHE does. I have seen more action with Garage Sale than any one of my other 8 releases, and that includes the ones with label support. Thanks Jenni Finlay." Jon Dee Graham

"It's no accident that Jenni has a long list of #1s and Top Ten records, but she works with the whole artist for the life of the record and beyond. Jenni's artist roster is carefully chosen. She truly believes in every project. The industry has commended her for her continued hard work and passionate enthusiasm, and I am so proud of my big sister. She has always been my hero!" HalleyAnna

"Long before I first met Jenni at the Non-COMMvention I was a fan. Her clients represent a virtual "who's who" of prominent and front-running musicians. The combination of this, her incredible personable manner and long list of contacts in both commercial and non-commercial radio make her representation most effective when it comes to serious radio airplay.” Cliff Anderson, WSGE

"What I like about Jenni is, she never bugs me with an artist who isn't right for my show. Could be that she takes the time to research these things, or could simply be that her entire artist roster is awesome. Or maybe both. Either way, we have done some really cool stuff together since Roadhouse signed on, and I look forward to a whole bunch more." Chris Mosser, KVET

"Jenni has been a joy to work with. She is sweet and easy to deal with, yet persistent. Whenever I have needed to coordinate an event or promotion with her, she has been on top of it." Duncan Hudson, KXCI

"Jenni Finlay is a breath of fresh hill country spring air in the industry. She is hard-working, earnest, honest, and smart. Her results have been, for me & my friends, awesome and undeniable. She is a great pleasure to be around, and i will work with her as long as she will have me." Walt Wilkins

"Jenni is one of those rare talents that is so good at what she does, she gets to choose who she works with. I'm pretty much in love..."James Hyland

"Jenni is an incredibly smart and savvy promoter!" Katie Key, Best in Texas/Texas Music Chart

"She's a super force. I've been fortunate to have someone as smart, enthusiastic, and energizing as Jenni working radio on my behalf. I wouldn't have it any other way." Randy Weeks

"Jenni is passionate about music and a true joy to work with. I consider her to be a LIGHT in this crazy business."  Kelley Peterson, KHKX

"Jenni's ingenuity, determination, and professionalism add a beautiful layer of energy that puts steam in our steam engine!" Kissy Black, Lotus Nile

"Jenni is very pleasant to work with. That's not always true in this business. She is very professional and works great music. Jenni makes it easy." Jeff Powell, WGWG

"I love Jenni Finlay." Sam Baker

"As a radio professional, we get to work with some truly great, talented and passionate people from time to time! Jenni is that and more. I always enjoy visiting and working with her and her artists. She is a true professional!" Scotty Preston, KOLI

"I wish all the music promoters were as nice and professional as Jenni. She truly is one of the best in the business!" Brian Craig, WEVL

"Jenni is a bright and outside the box radio promoter. She works with clients she has a passion for and it shows in her results. I love working with her!" Lisa Shively, The Press Network

"Jenni has always been there for the artist and for the radio station. In all my years, I have never heard anyone say a bad word about her. Come to think of it, I've never heard her say a bad word about anybody either. Jenni is a hard working, self motivated person that should be cloned and sold to the highest bidders." JB Cloud, KBCY

"Jenni takes your music and mixes it with her passion for promotion. She makes you feel secure in knowing she is going to find radio that embraces your songs, reaching the very people who will enjoy the music the most. Austin is blessed to have such a talented, elegant and intelligent radio promoter who cares not just about the songs, but about the people making the music, too." Sara Hickman

"I don't remember what Americana was like before Jenni Finlay but I know it was pretty bleak. It's great to see what a difference she's made for me and a lot of other folks." Adam Carroll

"Jenni is a diligent, detail oriented promo person. Things arrive on time, artists show up where and when they're scheduled, and it's all Jenni's doing!" Rob Reinhart, Acoustic Café

"Jenni Finlay comes from a family of musical integrity. I respect her and what she stands for. I hope I have the honor of working with her for many years to come. It is a pleasure."  Mattson Rainer, KNBT

"I know when a package shows up in the mail from Jenni, it's always well worth listening to." Jeff Scammon, Wild West Radio

“Jenni Finlay rocks out loud! I’ve worked with Jenni and her talented roster for a number of years now, and am continually impressed with both her professionalism and affability. She can always be relied for the information, the outstanding music, and the timely interviews that are the lifeline of good radio. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking essential airwaves exposure, especially in the burgeoning Americana genre.” Linda East Brady, KRCL radio host/music journalist

"Jenni Finlay is so talented, so inventive, so gifted at what she does she makes her competitors jealous. In horse racing back in Kentucky they would say she is sooooooo far out in front she is showing the rest of the pack a clean set of heels. But any way you word it, this is one girl who knows how to get the music heard! We are forever in her debt." Sid Griffin/The Coal Porters

"Jenni gets the job done. She says what she's gonna do and then does it ... with a winning smile and easy grace. She's friendly, approachable, and exactly the type of person I want representing my music." Terri Hendrix

"Jenni should write a book about record promotion and it should be required reading for all that express interest in joining the industry."Justin Frazell - 95.9 The Ranch

"Jenni is one of my favorite promoters. Jenni is professional, motivated and responsive and has great heart and spirit. ...not to mention that she's a truly delightful person. It has been a pleasure to work with her." Niki Dakota, WYSO

"Jenni isn't one of those "mass email" promotions people. She really stays on top of programmers and gets the spins that her clients deserve." Chris Michaels, KTEX

"One of the best things about playing local roots music on KILT is working with people who are as passionate about growing the audience for these artists as I. In Jenni, I know I've run across someone as like minded." Leslie T Travis, KILT

"Jenni is one of the most effective record promoters I know. Not only does she pick a great client list, but she always manages to pique my interest by the way she presents her latest offerings." Seth Williamson, WVTF

"Jenni Finlay brings a level of passion and integrity to her work that would be near impossible to surpass. The only thing that parallels her level of professionalism and dedication is her personal attention to the artist - which lets you know how much she cares about what's going on with you.. because she really does care!" Jonny Burke

"I’ve worked with Jenni on a bunch of radio promotions and events. She has been extremely helpful and very enthusiastic on all fronts. Jenni also goes out of her way to ensure that her end of the deal is upheld, and eager to know the outcome!" Dylan Benefield, KPND

“For an artist, the greatest gift is to be able to concentrate on writing and performing while knowing that someone else is making the right calls on his behalf. Thanks to Jenni, I have that luxury. Her results have been incredible and the difference she has made in my career is astonishing. She makes this fun!!!” Jason Eady

"Unless his daddy owns the radio station, every Program Director knows the value of a great Record Promotion Person.  In today's competitive environment, a communications lifeline between proactive radio stations and the artists who create hit records is essential.  I value my relationships with the handful of Record Promoters I've come to's the difference between my success and my early retirement.  Jenni Finlay is the consummate Promotions Pro." John Hendricks, music consultant

"The energy that Jenni brings to her job, her records and her life is contagious! Her passion and heart are apparent in everything she does."Janice Williams, DMX

"Jenni is our secret weapon." Noel McKay, The McKay Brothers

"Strong, Smart, Honest and with that great ear for finding magic in it all, Jenni is simply amazing!!!!!!" Rick Star, Homegrown Americana, music consultant

"Jenni has a true passion for music and has proven herself effective at spreading our message to radio. Her involvement in our campaigns have led to direct and measurable improvements in our public awareness. Highly recommended." Chris Thomas, President, Palo Duro Records

"Jenni took my debut cd, The Bootlegger's Daughter, and put an previously totally unknown artist into the Top-40 on the AMA chart. What more needs to be said?" Rachel Harrington

"Most likely, you won't ever find Jenni promoting the current dance track.  Jenni is dedicated to getting important music on the radio.  James McMurtry's "We Can't Make It Here" is the perfect example.  Her passion for this music is undeniable."  Jody Denberg