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Analog Man in a Digital World


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"Bill Wence has been a friend of mine for a good many years, always helping promote my albums through radio. He has played keyboard with me for years now on many tours, and I was always glad to have his talent behind me. With a smile that lights up any stage, audiences love him. Everyone who knows Bill loves him for the likable, sefless person that he is.

Bill I didn't know you sang so well - I'd never heard you do a solo! I enjoyed this album of yours very much 'cause I love hearing good music, good songs, and good singing, and this record has em all.

Bill Wence...goood job, my friend!

Rock On!

Wanda Jackson

Listen up to Bill Wence!

At long last, Bill Wence's third album, Analog Man in a Digital World, will be released this Spring!  

Wence came to Nashville in the early 70's after years of playing music from California to Alaska.  He's had over a dozen Billboard singles on the charts as a writer and artist since the early 80's.  Analog Man reunites him with Charlie McCoy, Stick Davis and some great pickers.  Long time friend, Becky Hobbs, joins Bill on a duet of "I Like Your Kind of Love," Gretchen Peters, Jonell Mosser, The Jordanaires, Sisters Morales and others get together on some of Bill's newer songs and some of his favorites from other writers.