Bill Wence
Songs That Make Me Think About You

Available September 9


GFA: 8/18

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Listen up to Bill Wence!

At long last, Bill Wence's third album, Songs That Make Me Think of You, will be released this September!  

Wence came to Nashville in the early 70's after years of playing music from California to Alaska.  He's had over a dozen Billboard singles on the charts as a writer and artist since the early 80's.

Its always a pleasure to write about an album you really love! Bill Wence has
written, sung, and produced such an album... It starts with a catchy song
entitled "555 2109", about numerous unreturned phone calls. The next song
is an exceptional duet with Bronwyne Brent, "There'll Never Be Anyone Else
But You", which is well sung, with a great Latin feel, complete with mandolin.
Bill wrote "Thank You Girl", which is a nod to all the women we've known,
and loved ! The next song is about Montana, and talks about "the beauty
queen moved to California" and asks "where am I supposed to go". A good
question! In "The First Time", he sings of the joy of experiencing different
phases of our life for the "First Time". In a change of pace, Bill swings and
sways in a rompiin' version of " Beyond the Sea". "Whiskey Take Me Away"
is a great honky tonk song that should have been recorded by Ernest Tubb.
The last song, " It's All Her Fault", could be the male national anthem. The
musicians on the album did a terrific job, and hats off to Bill for assembling
such great talent.
Well done, Bill
- Harold Bradley

I have just listened to the new CD by Bill Wence. It's a collection of well
written, well played and well performed songs. He has also included a
couple of "evergreens", "Beyond The Sea", and "There'll Never Be Anyone
Else But You For Me." Congrats Bill, another batch of "Ear Candy".
- Charlie McCoy